Stewardship of Public Lands Educator Resources

Exploring the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem includes social and political processes in addition to the biological ones. In order to fully understand the context of the public land controversies in and around Yellowstone, students must become familiar with the social complexities that affect decision making in and around the park. These include federal and state policies, various fiscal externalities and stakeholder viewpoints. During this activity students will be introduced to social and political ideas, opinions, rules and regulations that shape the controversies related to disease and endangered species management and recreation in Yellowstone.

During this activity, students will:

  • Travel to the different hot spots on the map;
  • Explore the resources that comprise each hot spot; and
  • Answer a brief set of essay questions about each hot spot.

Key Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this activity, students will be able to identify social and political factors that affect park management.

Course Description