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Economic Inequality
Is the trend of increasing economic inequality undermining the integrity of our democracy?
Economic inequality has become a topic of great debate as it pertains to democracy and the "American Dream." This course provides an interdisciplinary introduction to the concepts and frameworks needed to understand the nature, cause and consequences of the increase in economic inequality in the United States since the 1970s.
Global Challenges
Promise and Peril in the 21st Century
Join us as we explore the deep future. In this interactive course, students will learn about issues and impacts stemming from some of the leading challenges that humanity will face in the coming decades, from demographic shifts to conflict, and nanotechnology to the changing nature of governance.
Science for Citizens
Embracing Science in an Anti-science Word
Science for Citizens is designed to promote an overall appreciation for scientific knowledge and processes, and an understanding of science as a way of knowing. Students will improve upon scientific literacy and hone critical thinking skills through the evaluation of both everyday and extraordinary claims. Students will discover their own biases and limitations in perceiving the natural world, and will be encouraged to seek and evaluate empirical evidence in making future decisions. Ultimately, the critical thought and understanding of science cultivated by this course will foster the development of well-informed and engaged citizens in a democratic society.
Stewardship of Public Lands
A Model of the American Experience in Civic Engagement
Stewardship of Public Lands combines face-to-face and online components to examine ongoing controversies in Yellowstone National Park. The course, which has a particular focus on civic engagement, includes a local component that provides students with opportunities to apply skills learned in the course to controversies in their own community.
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