AASCU’s National Blended Course Consortium (NBCC) is a multi-campus effort to develop and disseminate innovative blended courses for first-year students. Supported by a four-year grant from the Teagle Foundation, NBCC is leveraging the power of faculty collaboration and technology to create a new series of first-year courses that begin with issues, not disciplines, capturing student interest and involvement. These high-quality, low-cost multidisciplinary courses create high-impact intellectual experiences that develop students’ civic and critical thinking skills. Currently, there are four NBCC courses under development: Economic Inequality, Global Challenges, Science for Citizens, and Stewardship of Public Lands. To learn about opportunities to pilot one or more of the NBCC courses on your campus, please contact us.

Key Features of the NBCC Courses

Designed for first-year students

Focused on complex, real-world civic issues


Designed to develop students’ civic engagement and critical thinking skills

Delivered in a blended format (in-person and online)

Flexible, adaptable and customizable

Developed collaboratively by faculty from multiple institutions

Part of a not-for-profit initiative to explore new models of course design for the 21st century