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Global Challenges Magazine

Global Challenges Magazine is a course-long activity that gives students the opportunity to engage with the course material in a deep and meaningful way, while also expanding their knowledge of a particular region of the world. The premise of this activity is that students are reporters for an online magazine, called Global Challenges Magazine, who have been assigned to a particular location in the world. After each of the lessons from the course, the student-reporters are tasked with researching, writing and submitting a report on how the global challenge from that lesson impacts, and is impacted by, their location and the people who live there. All of the students’ reports are built into an online magazine, highlighting the engagement of students in considering challenges, and solutions, around the world.

The goal of this activity- and the mission of the Global Challenges Magazine—is to produce thought-provoking, inspiring, and well-researched articles that address complex global problems, and that promote global citizenship and an empathetic understanding of people throughout the world.

During this activity, students will:

  • Dive deeply into a particular country and culture, seeing it from the perspective of local people;
  • Consider how various challenges provide promise or peril for different people around the world; and
  • Contribute to a class-wide Global Challenges Magazine, which highlights the experiences of students in the course.

Key Learning Outcomes:

This activity fosters the development of:

  • Learning Outcome #1: Information literacy skills;
  • Learning Outcome #2: Writing skills;
  • Learning Outcome #3: Global citizenship skills;
  • Learning Outcome #4: Empathy; and
  • Learning Outcome #5: Global Knowledge.
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