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Scientific Method Exploration

Students will create a concept map of words associated with the scientific method. They will then view and discern the strengths and weaknesses of models found online and in classrooms (standard/linear, recursive) before editing their own. A follow-up, exploratory, activity will reinforce the creative and recursive nature of the scientific method, challenging preconceived notions of linearity and limits.

During this activity, students will:

  • Create a concept map;
  • Increase their understanding of the scientific method;
  • Discover the fluid nature of the scientific method;
  • Revisit and edit preconceived notions;
  • Engage in an exploratory assignment, using the scientific method; and
  • Evaluate conceptions of the scientific method.

Key Learning Outcomes:

Students will learn how the scientific method applies to investigations outside of a textbook and in real life. They will discover the fluid and creative nature of the scientific method as well as its associations and outcomes. Students will begin to make associations with the scientific method as they relate to fact, law, and theory.

Course Description